Balanced Scorecard Sample

It is much easier to start Balanced Scorecard project when you have some working sample. Why invent something new, when you can learn from Balanced Scorecard professionals who already did what you need.

Take advantage of the Balanced Scorecard’s best practices!

Download Free Samples of Balanced Scorecard with step-by-step guide

Get free report that includes Balanced Scorecard Samples and explains how to use them!

Download free report that includes Balanced Scorecard sample with detailed explanation of why you need certain parts and what approaches should you use to create similar Balanced Scorecard for your needs.

This Balanced Scorecard sample is designed to be copied and modified according to your needs! Feel free to get ideas and inspiration from this sample to create or improve your own Balanced Scorecard!

Review Balanced Scorecard sample

Start with downloading free trial copy of BSC Designer PRO, open balanced-scorecard-sample.bsc from “Samples” folder of BSC Designer installation.

Sample of Balanced Scorecard cascading scheme

Example of the approach to Balanced Scorecard cascading. Link together scorecards of different business units.

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